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  One visit per week * Two visits per week *
 1 Dog $8 $12
 2 Dogs $10 $15
 3 Dogs $12 $18
 4 Dogs $14 $21

Just need a one-time cleaning? We'll be happy to assist you. Prices start at $25. Please call for service now!

For Commercial, Apartment and HOA properties, please call for prices and services!

 The bottom line is for
 eight bucks a week my
 yard smells better, looks
 better, and is not
 scattered with
 treacherous poop
 dangers. I can walk
 around and not have to
 sweat stepping in a pile
 of dog doo.
- Adam S. 

Our First Visit to your Home

In addition to thoroughly cleaning your yard of waste, we will meet with you and your pet(s) on our first visit to your home. This will give you an opportunity to discuss your needs and any concerns. We will also collect an initial cleaning fee along with the charges for the first month's services.

We charge a one-time initial cleaning fee starting at $20 or more depending on the amount of accumulated waste. If your yard has been cleaned regularly, the one-time fee may be waived. Normal rates apply thereafter.


Customers are invoiced once a month on the 20th with a due date on the 1st of each month. We offer convenient methods of payment:

  • Credit Card
  • Automatic Monthly Withdrawal
  • Check

* The prices above are for average yards and may vary for larger properties. We will quote you an exact price when we see your property.
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